What Can a Cash App Sponsor Do: Know Before Getting Sponsored

What Can a Cash App Sponsor Do Know Before Getting Sponsored

The Cash App is a popular mobile payment service that allows users to send and receive money easily. It also offers a feature where parents or guardians can sponsor accounts for their children, aged 13 and older, providing them with financial supervision and control. This guide will explain what can a Cash App sponsor do, address common concerns, and provide clear instructions for managing sponsored accounts.

What is a Sponsor on Cash App?

A Sponsor on Cash App is the legal owner of a sponsored account, while the sponsored person is an authorized user. This arrangement is particularly common for individuals aged 13 to 18, allowing parents or guardians to create and manage accounts for their teens. Parents act as the primary account holders and set up secondary accounts for their children.

This setup is popular because it helps parents monitor and control their teen’s spending and transactions on Cash App, providing a secure and supervised way for younger users to handle money.

(( Reference: We have gathered this information by reading several reputable websites, like the Cash App. For more information, you can visit their website here. ))

What Can a Sponsor See on Cash App?

Here are the specific activities that a Cash App sponsor can see on a sponsored account:

  • Transaction History
  • Account Balances
  • Transaction Details
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Who Sends Money
  • Spending Categories
  • Pending Transactions
  • Rejected Transactions
  • Investment Activities

Can a Cash App Sponsor Take Your Money?

No, a Cash App sponsor cannot directly take your money from the sponsored account. Their role is primarily to monitor and manage the account for oversight and educational purposes, not to withdraw or control the funds without your consent.

A sponsor can view your transaction history but cannot perform transactions. They can see all transactions made by the sponsored account, including details such as the amount, date, and the recipient or sender of the funds. However, they do not have the ability to make transactions or withdraw money from the account. All financial activities require the user’s explicit consent.

What Can a Cash App Sponsor Do know reality

What Can a Cash App Sponsor Do?

A Cash App sponsor can monitor all activities on the sponsored Cash App account but cannot perform any transactions. Below, we have detailed what your Cash App sponsor can do:

Track Activity:

Sponsors can track all activities on the sponsored account, including viewing all transactions and keeping an eye on spending habits. This feature helps in teaching responsible financial behavior.

Monitor Transaction History:

Sponsors can access the complete transaction history of the sponsored account, allowing them to review past transactions and ensure proper use of funds. This includes seeing where the money is spent and the nature of each transaction.

Turn Specific Features On/Off:

Sponsors can enable or disable specific features on the sponsored account, such as the ability to send or receive money, to control how the account is used. This feature provides flexibility in managing the account based on the child’s financial maturity.

Approve or Decline Transactions:

Sponsors can approve or decline certain transactions to maintain control over significant financial activities. This helps in preventing unauthorized or impulsive purchases.

Set Spending Limits:

Sponsors can set daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits on the sponsored account to teach budgeting and prevent overspending.

Add Funds:

Sponsors can add funds to the sponsored account from their own Cash App account or linked bank account, ensuring the child has money for their needs and allowances.

Freeze or Disable the Card:

If necessary, sponsors can freeze or disable the Cash App card associated with the sponsored account to prevent unauthorized transactions, such as when the Cash App card is lost or stolen.

Receive Notifications:

Sponsors can set up notifications for all transactions on the sponsored account to stay informed about financial activities in real time. This helps in quickly identifying any unusual or suspicious activity.

Provide Educational Guidance:

Sponsors can use their oversight role to provide financial education and guidance, helping the sponsored user learn to manage money responsibly and make informed financial decisions.

What a Cash App Sponsor Cannot Do

A Cash App sponsor has certain limitations to ensure the privacy and control of the sponsored user. Here are the key things a Cash App sponsor cannot do:

Access Private Information:

A sponsor cannot access the private information of the sponsored user, such as passwords, personal identification details, or other sensitive data. The account holder’s personal information remains confidential.


A sponsor cannot make transactions without the consent of the sponsored user. All financial activities require the explicit approval of the account holder, ensuring that the sponsor cannot withdraw or transfer money on their own.

Change Account Settings:

A sponsor does not have the authority to alter the account settings of the sponsored user. This means they cannot change settings such as linked bank accounts, Cash App card settings, contact details, or security configurations.

View Detailed Personal Communications:

Sponsors cannot access personal messages or communications between the sponsored user and their contacts. Their oversight is limited to financial transactions and does not extend to private conversations.

Direct Control Over Investments:

While sponsors can monitor investment activities such as stocks and Bitcoin, they cannot directly control or alter these investments without the user’s consent.

Can We Change the Sponsor on Cash App?

Yes, it is possible to change the sponsor on Cash App. If you need to change the sponsor, you will need to follow a few steps to ensure a smooth transition.

For this, firstly your sponsor will unsponsor you on Cash App. This involves contacting Cash App support and requesting to remove you from the Cash App family account. This step ensures that the current sponsor’s access and oversight are properly terminated. The sponsored user or the sponsor can initiate this request.

Once the current sponsorship has been revoked, a new sponsor can be set up. The new sponsor will need to link their Cash App account to the sponsored user’s account and set up the necessary controls and monitoring options. This process involves following the standard setup procedure for sponsoring an account on Cash App, ensuring that the new sponsor has the appropriate permissions and settings in place.

(( Reference: We obtained this information from a YouTube channel. For more details, you can watch the video ))


The Cash App sponsor feature offers a valuable way for parents and guardians to monitor and guide their children’s financial activities. While sponsors can track transactions, set spending limits, and provide educational support, they cannot perform transactions or access private information without consent. This system balances oversight and privacy, helping younger users learn responsible financial management.


Yes, sponsors can see the details of each transaction, including what was purchased.

Yes, you can change your sponsor by having the current sponsor revoke their sponsorship and setting up a new sponsor.

Yes, sponsors can view who sends money to the sponsored account.

No, you cannot remove your sponsor by yourself. You will need to ask your sponsor to remove you from their sponsorship. Once they have done so, you can find a new sponsor and link with them. This is the way you can change your Cash App sponsor.

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(What Can a Cash App Sponsor Do?)

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for general informational purposes only. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. Always seek the advice of a qualified financial professional before making any financial decisions.

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